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Why You Need Tempered Glass?

Do you find yourself constantly dropping your phone? Have you broken your phone screen more than once? Do you feel like you need to wrap your phone in bubble wrap just to keep it safe? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need tempered glass. By pairing tempered glass with a […]

How to Protect Your Phone in Cold Weather

If you have checked the weather and you know you’ll have to walk out into extremely cold temperatures, make a note to charge your battery before you leave. When exposed to cold outdoor air, your phone is at a higher risk of losing battery life at a much higher pace. Try using a portable power […]

A bunch of 5G smartphones are coming this month

Mobile World Congress, which kicks off on Feb. 25 in Barcelona this year, will be hot. Besides foldable phones and hole-punch cameras, another trend we’ll see at this year’s event will be 5G. And we’re not just talking about tests and promises of crazy-fast internet speeds sometime in the future — we’ll actually see several […]