How to Protect Your Phone in Cold Weather

If you have checked the weather and you know you’ll have to walk out into extremely cold temperatures, make a note to charge your battery before you leave. When exposed to cold outdoor air, your phone is at a higher risk of losing battery life at a much higher pace. Try using a portable power bank to keep battery issues at bay.

If you’re faced with the unpleasant situation of a sudden shut-down, make sure you are not immediately plugging it in – let your phone gradually warm up indoors before you attach a power supply as it could suffer internal damage.

Give It a Coat

Maybe forget the sleeves.

Just like we bundle up when we have to face cold conditions, we should give our cell phones the same attention. Even if you already have a protective case against physical damage, you might want to invest in a case that keeps your mobile warm and toasty. If you can’t make the purchase right away, keep your phone in one of your coat or pants pockets. Keeping it appropriately covered in cold temps is a simple, quick fix.

Turn It Off

Shut it down to heat it up.

For those of you who have already begun to deal with freezing temperatures, you may want to switch your phone to “Off.” Most cell phones have limitations when it comes to the kind of weather they’re exposed to, and winter conditions are no exception. Make the proactive choice by shutting your phone down before the possibility of facing damage even arises – you’ll thank yourself in the long run.