Why You Need Tempered Glass?

Do you find yourself constantly dropping your phone? Have you broken your phone screen more than once? Do you feel like you need to wrap your phone in bubble wrap just to keep it safe?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need tempered glass. By pairing tempered glass with a quality phone case, you can provide your phone the ultimate level of protection. Read on to discover the benefits of tempered glass and why you need it.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is created by taking glass through various chemical and thermal treatments. This process increases the strength of the glass. When the glass does break, it breaks into small even pieces. This reduces the risk of sharp edges.

Tempered glass is used in many application such as car windshields, safety glasses, microwave ovens, phone booths, and more. It’s become increasingly popular for smartphones for screen protection applications.

The Benefits of Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

It’s More Durable

Tempered glass is sturdier than plastic screen protectors. Tempered glass protectors are scratch-resistant and can absorb shock when you drop your phone. They are about 0.3 0.5mm in thickness and is designed to crack instead of your actual phone screen after being dropped.

It Looks and Feels Better

Tempered glass screen protectors feel similar to your actual phone screen. Your finger will slide more easily on a glass protector than a plastic protector.

A glass protector also won’t affect image quality, colors, or display sharpness. If you watch a lot of Netflix or YouTube videos, then plastic screen protectors may distort your viewing quality. Tempered glass protectors won’t lessen your outdoor visibility. Though we do recommend matte finish protectors instead of glossy protectors if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

It’s Easier to Clean

Since it’s glass, it’s easy to remove fingerprint grease and oils that are on the screen. A soft cloth can easily remove oil, grease, dirt, and dust.

It’s Easy to Install

If you have ever installed a plastic screen protector, then you know it can be difficult. Plastic screen protectors can peel easily and leave those annoying air bubbles under the film. Tempered glass is easier to install and goes on more smoothly. You will have to make sure the screen is properly cleaned before application.

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