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Who We Are?

Shenzhen Mocolo Smart Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, Locates in  Longhua District, Shenzhen, China. The trademark “MOCOLO” is registered in China in 2013. and also registered as Mocolo EU trademark in Germany in 2014.
Mocolo has been engaged in 3C digital products R & D for 9 years, and have rich experience in sales. We possess more than 30 agents and 50 OEM customers in the world.
Mocolo is a 3C Digital Accessories Brand of Young, Fashion & Energetic. It is responsible to operate & promote the brand by KYK (HK)International Trade Co., Ltd, and become a well-known brand in the field of 3C products by high quality & and thoughtful customer service.

Mocolo Brand Identity

MO is the abbreviation of “more and mode”, COLO is the abbreviation of “color”.

“MOCOLO” is the meaning of “Mode and More Color”, Which brings fashion trend & colorful life to our customers. We always transmit the brand culture of “colorful and stylish” and service concept of “Make more for you”.

Round C with dragon head: the company logo, C is the abbreviation of China. and It is also art modeling of “Chinese dragon”. Which means that we will become a leading enterprise.

Mukailong is homophonic of “mocolo”, Which means that MOCOLO will become a distinguished brand as well as the dragon of enviable and admired.

Mocolo Research and development

MOCOLO Possess the R & D team of young and energetic with pioneering and innovative. “Do more for you” is our creative idea, and we will integrate product design with the latest technology, environment-friendly materials, and fashion elements. In any case, We are sure to produce”MOCOLO” styles products including shape, color, functional innovation, and exquisite package.

We Care About Your Project

In order to meet the demands of protection & personality on a variety of 3C digital products from our customers, “MOCOLO” will rapidly design the products closer to the customers’ requirements by continuously research and analysis on market, Which must be convenient for your life and promote life quality.

In order to serve the user and develop the market well, we will be ready to go and sure to become a top brand in China.

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